Welcome to our Fortieth Year

Sustainable growth since 1976

Family-owned firm

Pleasant Valley Corporation is family-owned, founded by Gino and Barbara Faciana in 1976. They began with Faciana Electric Co., a local electrical firm, and soon opened Pleasant Valley Construction Company to serve local and regional customers from an office on Pleasant Valley Road near Cleveland, Ohio. Today, Gino and Barbara’s success spans two generations and serves clients in 55,000 locations across North America.

Complex energy management and electrical installation are still a specialty of Pleasant Valley Corporation, an important advantage for the Construction and Facility Management Divisions, and part of the full circle of integrated services the Company offers in real estate development, general contracting, and facility management.

We welcome new clients and can assure you that we work to deserve our reputation every day, a reputation of being technically advanced, innovative and extremely responsive. At Pleasant Valley, at the best price available, you get the country’s top construction, real estate and facility management services.

Our Vision

Pleasant Valley Corporation, a family-owned firm, is pleased and proud to provide integrated real estate, construction and facility management services strategically designed to benefit our clients’ businesses, inspire the users of commercial spaces, and respect the communities and natural world in which we all live and work.

An International Presence

55,000+ Locations

  • Coast to Coast
  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • Puerto Rico
  • Canada

Our Mission

Pleasant Valley Corporation’s three divisions, Real Estate, Construction, and Facility Management, provide a full circle of services for commercial buildings through effective project management, responsive communications, high quality workmanship and innovative solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations and support our valued partnerships with vendors and employees.

A Comprehensive Solution

Advanced skills in place. We have more than 25,000 qualified vendors in 50 trade disciplines.

Labor available. In every client location, we have 3-4 vetted contractors per trade ready to work.

Labor management. All paperwork and training is done for you.

Flexible skill sets. Our teams are flexible in skill sets and size.


Gino P. Faciana



Barbara E. Faciana


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