Quality. Safety.

Building Tomorrow Together

Family-owned Firm

It all starts with construction, and that’s how we started, too. Founded in 1976 as Faciana Electric Company, Pleasant Valley Corporation works coast-to-coast on the construction and remodeling of office buildings, restaurants, retail, industrial and mixed use space.

  • New Construction
  • Design Build
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Real Estate Development
  • Open Facility Remodels
  • National Rollouts and Rebranding

Quality, safety, scheduling, budgeting: Pleasant Valley will come through for you in all the ways in which you need a solid, experienced partner.

You benefit from our:

  • Outstanding Reputation
  • Financial Stability
  • Cost Control
  • Proven Ability to Meet a Timeline
  • Exceptional Safety Record

Responsive Communications

Instant Online Communications with PVC Connect. PVC Connect is our proprietary, customizable web-based platform that provids instant, online communication at your fingertips. PVC Connect is designed for construction, facility management and real estate development clients. It is private, easy to use and always accessible.

PVC Connectcustom web-based work order and construction management solution provides:

  • Integration with your software
  • IVR and GPS capabilities
  • Real-time tracking of KPIs
  • Dashboards – Reporting – Analytics
  • Instant connection, 24/7/365
  • Emergency response
  • Bundled work orders that save time and money

Our File Room FTP app accepts and sends blueprints and other large documents quickly and securely.

In the Field, Nationwide

Field Supervisors. PVC has 55 Field Supervisors (Road Warriors) and their crews, as well as

  • 13 Project Managers and 
  • 25,000+ qualified subs 
  • in 50 trade disciplines

Our team has earned state general contractors licensing nationwide.

State GC Licensing

  • Alabama #54484
  • Alaska #166866
  • Arizona #325471
  • Arkansas #0393530720
  • California #1049050
  • Connecticut #MCO.0904085
  • Delaware #2020704653
  • Florida #CGC1523310
  • Georgia #CCO006124
  • Idaho #RCE-49266
  • Iowa  #C135520
  • Louisiana #68823
  • Maryland #15358943
  • Massachusetts #CS-115011
  • Mississippi #23890-MC
  • Montana #250585
  • Nebraska #14929-19
  • Nevada #0084987
  • New Mexico #413301
  • North Carolina #80918
  • North Dakota #000043639
  • Oregon #224311
  • Rhode Island #39939
  • South Carolina #G121759
  • Tennessee #73438
  • Utah #11852775-5501
  • Virginia #2705169884
  • Washington #NATIOPV804L5
  • West Virginia #WV060901

Experienced Field Supervisors & Project Managers

Our Working Field Supervisors are experienced and knowledgeable in all trade categories and hold the satisfaction of our customers in the highest regard.

Our Project Managers are known for their attention to detail and for communication skills that minimize any inconvenience to the facility, store associates or customers. They have years of experience with scheduling, preparation, project coordination, problem tracking, resolution, travel arrangements, budgeting and logistics. Our proprietary communication system, PVC Connect, gives you instant, real-time access to activity and costs.

Full Service from Start to Finish

We have the ability and know-how to take a project from start to finish. This includes: incision by the owner, to the Architect/Engineering, to permit application, budget, pre-construction meeting with local sub-contractors, project management and finally to turnover/Certificate of Occupancy.

Specialists in Open-Store Remodeling

If your projects are retail spaces that must stay open during remodeling, we are your team! Our number one priority is to ensure the safety of customers and store personnel. We know how to keep work areas as small, clean and quiet as possible. With our broad range of skills and specialists, projects are timely and professional, and you receive detailed status reports and other communications throughout the remodel.

Let's Get Started

To inquire about our services, call our office at 330-239-0176 or email us.